Liquid Bliss

Liquid BlissThis is our Biodanza Festival with Vivencias in the water. We’ve created “Liquid Bliss” as the first Biodanza Festival in water worldwide. With Seminarhaus Sonnenstrahl we found the best partner we could wish.
Kisslegg offers the beautiful big pool and is almost in the triangle between Munich, Zurich and Stuttgart.
The Festival is an inspiration with it is full dynamic as wild and energetic. We are moving cooperative and with our hearts. Together we celebrate life and share our experience it is to feel our self our self regulation and our breath.
Our Festival provides an innovative way you will be able to dive deeper in the trance of Biodanza. You will be surprised about the treasuries you will catch.
Every participant has the possibility to have three sessions in Biodanza in Water.
Bliss is our foundational state, bubbling under the surface of everyday awareness patiently awaiting our remembrance, available for us to live a joyous existence.
Liquid Bliss – Biodanza Festival in the water and on land
Beginn: Thursday 7pm June 22, 2017
Ende: Sunday, 4pm June 25, 2017

Preis 190 € (exclude housing and dining)
(However early birds can catch a 20 € reduction until until April, 30 2017.
Make your inscription and pay 170 € before end of April 17.)
Our Prices list

Mandatory Dining Bucks start at € 39 per day

Please make your reservation directly with team from Seminarhotel Sonnenstrahl. Book a beautiful room or share the room with other participants. A double room starts at 64 € per person per night and multi bed room is available for 57 € with dining included.

Performing Facilitators are
MCArrieta supported by Facilitators of the Biodanza Network Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg

Seminarhaus Sonnenstrahl in Kißlegg

Sebastian-Kneipp-Str. 1
88353 Kißlegg

The Vivencias will guide us to enter deep within, to discover the Source Energy of the fountain of Bliss, and to express this marvelous flow through the dance of our Existence, enriching & enlivening us, each other, everything….
Experience sessions of Vitality, Sensuality, Creativity, Sacredness and Love. Seven Vivencias on earth and three Vivencias in the water. All Vivencias will be presented from a lovely team.

Our Program
You are all very warm welcome to dance with us at this special festival. Very common on the ground and quite extraordinary in the water. After our successful festivals in July 2015 and 2016 at the Seminarhaus Sonnenstrahl in Kißlegg we are here again this year. Our festival will last from Thursday, June 22nd to Sunday, June 25th, 2.30pm. We will dance Vivencias in the room Achat and the beautiful pool.
Our team, Marcelo Di Matteo, gives you the opportunity to venture into a new element and enjoy the quality of the water in the dance. In the Pyramid, the most beautiful and largest seminar room, we can continue to dance “on Earth” to our familiar element. We are very happy about many participants.

Excellent food and housing are guaranteed. Everything is prepared to pamper you.



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